Berner & Curren$y - Gangsta Shit (feat. Kokane & G Perico) [Single]

  • 2019-07-08
  • Music

Is it fair to say Curren$y is one of the game's tried and true "team players?" The lovable lyricist has carried his weight on many a collaborative album, from the Freddie Gibbs-assisted Fetti to the Wiz Khalifa second-go-around 2009. Now, he's ready to drop off another one, this time linking up with a like-minded and bud-smoking individual Berner. Also prolific in nature, Big Berner has established himself as a viable team player, including his recent collaboration project with Mozzy on Slimey Individuals

Now, he and Curren$y have officially announced Pheno Grigioa brand new album featuring KokaneG PericoRichie RichMozzy, and B-Real. To kick things off, the two release "Gansta Shit" featuring the previously mentioned Kokane and G Perico. The song itself is seeped in West Coast vibes, with both leading men turning in laid-back, but dexterously flowed verses.